What is CAPDEV Agenda?

Capacity development is defined as a process by which individual competencies and organizational capacities are enhanced through strategic and integrated interventions to equip and empower LGUs to fulfil their accountabilities and produce desired results. The CapDev Agenda is a comprehensive three-year plan that will guide the LGU in implementing capacity development initiatives. It specifies the following information:

  • Targeted Outcome Area/ ELA Priority and Performance Goals

  • Current State of Capacity

  • Desired State of Capacity (Capacity Development Objectives)

  • Capacity Development Interventions

  • Expected Output

  • Target of CapDev

  • Timeframe

  • Funding Requirements by year

  • Process Owner/ Office Responsible

  • Source of Support/Technical Assistance

Why formulate the CapDev Agenda?

The CapDev Agenda serves as basis for:

Communicating the strategic directions and reform agenda of the current leadership. The CapDev Agenda summarizes the strategic directions and broad plans of action championed by the current Local Chief Executive towards addressing the LGU capacity /performance gaps. A clear idea of current and desired states is a first step towards defining, scoping, implementing and evaluating capacity development interventions.

Allocating the budget requirements of each capacity development intervention across outcome areas of the LGUs. The Matrix summarizes the solutions or interventions to be taken to address the capacity and performance gaps identified by the LGUs. One clear indicator of sponsorship for change is the sufficiency in the amount of funding allocated for the installation and implementation of a CapDev intervention. The CapDev Agenda presents a clear alignment of the intervention to targeted performance targets.

Mapping out a results framework/ monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the CapDev interventions. Targeted levels of results may be culled from the CapDev agenda across levels of results from inputs (the CapDev interventions), outputs, capacity and performance targets. The template may be used as basis for comparing the performance and capacity levels of the LGU at the start and end of a three-year term.

Generating accountabilities for institutionalizing and reaping the gains of the capacity development intervention. Process owners and support requirements from internal and external stakeholders are identified per CapDev intervention. These are the people tasked to ensure the sustainable implementation of the reform.




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